LED Lighting Upgrades

Switch to LED from Halogen or Incandescent and not only will you save money in the long term, there is health benefits as well if it is done right.

Lower your power consumption and save money

Save up to 90% on your lighting bill– A 10 watt LED light fitting is use only 20% of the power of a 50 watt halogen and only 10% of a 100w halogen.

Recover lost heating costs– LED light fittings are sealed which don’t allow heat to escape into the ceiling. They can also be covered by insulation unlike both halogen and incandescent

Long Life- Good quality NZ made LED fittings from Switch Lighting are rated to last 60,000 hours (30 years). Philips halogen lamps are rated to last 2,000 hours (1 year). Over that 60,000 hours you could save up to $12,500 on replacement globes and energy costs!

Enviromental Impact

LED fixtures also have an environmental advantage in that they contain no mercury, last longer and produce less waste, plus they are made from fully recyclable materials.

A single kilowatt-hour of electricity will generate 610g of CO2 emissions.  Assuming the average light bulb is on for 10 hours a day, a single 100W incandescent bulb will generate 222kg of CO2 every year.  The 12W Switch Lighting LED equivalent will be responsible for only 26kg of CO2 over the same time span.  A building’s carbon footprint from lighting can be reduced by nearly 90% by exchanging all incandescent bulbs for new LEDs.

CFL lighting, which is commonly used in our residential homes today, must be disposed of through an appropriate recycling centre.  Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, a highly toxic waste, which, if disposed of irresponsibly, can pollute waterways and damage the environment

Quality, Colour and Blue Light Filters

Switch Lighting use high quality LED chips which have several benefits

  • High CRI for better colour rendering. Poor quality lighting can dull or grey out the bright colours in art and also the reds in timber floors and furniture.
  • Blue light filtering. Too much blue light at night can affect our sleep cycles also known as our circadian cycle. Some people are more susceptible to this than others, especially children so less expose to blue light before bed can improve sleep.
  • No flickering– A quality LED fitting wont flicker like a CFL lamp which can cause migranes

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