Audio visual encompasses what we watch and listen to, and how we do exactly that. There are a few questions we need to ask first before specifying a system.

Audio Visual Installation and Repair

What size TV do you have or want? Or are you wanting to use a projector?

What other devices will connect to it?

  • Apple TV
  • Blu Ray or DVD
  • Xbox or Playstation
  • Chromecast
  • A hard drive

Where are the devices going to sit?

  • In a unit under the TV
  • In a cupboard in the hallway
  • In the office
    We can control the devices using infra-red so that means you can hide everything out of sight.

And where does the sound come from?

  • From the TV
  • Through a sound bar
  • Surround sound speakers
    • Are they recessed into the walls or ceiling, or are they surface mounted?
    • Or do you want to use wireless speakers like Sonos?

Do you want to have access via a smart device?

  • If so, do you use Apple or Android?

Audio Visual Installation

Do you want a wall controller to turn on music or the TV?

Are you happy with having several remotes sitting on the coffee table or do you want to consolidate everything onto one smart remote?

Do you want the curtains to close when you turn on a movie?

Is the temperature right or do you want to turn the air conditioning or gas fire on from the TV?

Do you want to listen to music in more than one room? Perhaps you want to listen to music outside while someone else listens to what the TV is playing inside.

If you have looked buying an AV system before you will know that there are very affordable entry-level plug and play systems for under $1000 or at the other end of the spectrum you can spend 6 figures, therefore we need to discuss a budget to work to as well.


There are a lot of questions to be answered so don’t jump in feet first. Talk to us about what you want out of your system and we can help guide you.

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