Switchboard Upgrades & Replacement

A switchboard is the backbone of the electrical installation in any property. If your switchboard fails then you will lose power to part or all of your house; no one likes a power cut.

Switchboard upgrades and replacement

Older switchboards generally don’t have adequate protection to prevent fatal electrocutions. If you choose to upgrade your switchboard, not only will it look nicer, but it will have RCD protection and modern circuit breakers which are easy to reset, should they trip (no more rewiring a fuse in the dark!). Call us to price a new switchboard today.



Surge Protection

Surge protection can be added to most modern switchboards. Rather than buying one multi-board
for an extortionate price from your local electrical store, why not get a surge protector installed on
the switchboard to protect all of the electrical appliances and devices in your house.

Sub-circuit metering

If you have a minor dwelling, we can install a small meter so that you can accurately work out what
charges to pass on to your tenant.

Need LED lighting upgrade? We are available to discuss your electrical plans.