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Ever wondered how much you really should be paying for electrical services in Auckland? Do you feel like every time you engage in a sparky, there is this weird feeling that you might accidentally be overpaying and being over charged? These are the common concerns that you may experience when you need some electrical work done, because there isn’t really a pricelist where you can shop around to find out how much each individual service costs, not until now. Today, we will learn an average electrician cost in Auckland.

We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the most common electrical service costs in Auckland by comparing our charges with what our peers are charging. (Glad to say that we are right on average for our superior quality work!)

How much do electrical services cost in Auckland?

That is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? To help you work out how much they cost, we must breakdown the services individually. Please note, these are the average prices and cost of electricians in Auckland, but they do somewhat reflect the cost of electricians in NZ to a certain accuracy, so feel free to use it as a rough guideline if you are outside Auckland.

Cost of Electrical Services in Auckland

We have compiled a list of electrical services below; you can click on the link and it will bring you to the relevant cost in details.

  1. Hourly Rate (standard charges)
  2. Call-out Charges
  3. Emergency Call-out
  4. Compliance Fees
  5. Apprentice Rates
  6. Switchboard Upgrades
  7. Electrical Rewire
  8. Home Ventilation Installation
  9. Home Heating Installation
  10. LED Lighting Upgrades
  11. Inspection Rates

1.Electrician Hourly Rate in Auckland (standard charges)

$89.50 – $95 + GST / hour for tradesman

The electrician hourly charges in Auckland may differ from one tradesman to another based on their experience. We compared electrician cost to a few qualified peers in Auckland, and the range is relatively small meaning the electrician hourly rate is very consistent in our industry.

Most electricians would help you break down the charges based on an hourly rate. This is by far the fairest way to charge a customer, as providing an all-inclusive quote could either undercut the electrician or overcharge the customer.

Tip: We offer a contract labour rate for larger jobs where we can pair an apprentice with a tradesman. We do a blended rate depending on the size of the job. It’s always a good idea to ask, as it could help you save big on projects.

2. Electrician Call-out Charges (vehicle rates)


Within 7km of CBD: $25.00

Within 15km of CBD: $35.00

Within 25km of CBD: $45.00

Within 35km of CBD: $55.00

Some companies charge a flat call-out fee, but at Strike Electrical we think that isn’t fair for everyone. We have refined the electrician cost for emergency call-out services based on your proximity to us. Almost all electricians charge for call-out, if they don’t then that cost would have been secretly included in the quote in some other forms (for example a higher hourly rate).

Sometimes there is other driving that needs to be done when attending your job, like calling into an electrical supplier to pick up materials.

Don’t forget that the labour cost is also charged while the electrician is driving, as you cannot bring your house to them (like you could take your car to the mechanic), so it’s only fair they get paid for their time!

Tip: When you are enquiring, you can try and ask if there are any electricians near your area. If there is, you can ask whether there will still be call out charge. If you are lucky, you might get away with the call-out charge if it’s a quick one!

3. Emergency Electrician Call-out Charges in Auckland

Our emergency callout charge is $385.00 + GST which includes up to three hours of work, travel to and from site and vehicle charge within Auckland central and city fringe suburbs. Consecutive labour is charged at $179.00 + GST per hour Compliance certificate is charged at $30.00 + GST if required and materials are charged at trade pricing.

Emergency call-out includes after-hours electrical services (from 5 pm to 8 am), as well as calling out an electrician immediately on demand and cutting in front of the queue.

Know More About Our Emergency Call Out And Repair Services.

Tip: If you ever need an emergency call-out, make sure you ask for 2 things: the cost of the call-out fee, and the emergency hourly rate (this is normally higher than the normal rate).

At Strike Electrical, we always like to tell our customers about these electrical service charges before we come out, and this avoids disappointments for our customers. If we forget, please ask!

4. Compliance Fees

Electrical Safety Certificate: $30.00+ GST

(When repairing or replacing an electrical item)

Certificate of Compliance: $30.00+GST

(When adding a new cable or electrical item to an existing or new installation)

Compliance certificates are mandatory as part of electrical services, this ensures your job is done properly and up to standard. A certificate is issued (depending on the scope of work) after your job is completed, and is required by law.

Tip: If you feel like the electrician is dodgy, make sure you ask if they will provide you with an Electrical Safety Certificate or Certificate of Compliance. If they have no idea what they are, run!

5. Apprentice Rates

$45.00 – $75.00 + GST depending on experience

Apprentice rates is an awesome little perk for the customers, as you are paying for additional labour without paying full price. Apprentices help get the job done quicker than if just a tradesman was working alone because they can climb in the ceiling and under the floor to feed cabling through, run to the van to grab bits and pieces or take off to the suppliers to grab parts.

Tip: If you have a big project (like a kitchen renovation), make sure you ask for the apprentice rates and make sure the rates are blended in your final invoice. Some companies don’t break down the apprentice rates in the final invoice and you could miss out on saving a few thousand dollars on a big project.

6. Switchboard Upgrades Cost in Auckland

$1200 – $2000 + GST for a domestic switchboard depending on the size

$1500- $2500 if it is a combined switchboard and meter or if the switchboard needs to be relocated.

Switchboard upgrade has become extremely popular with new products that ensure maximum home protection. Some of this technology wasn’t available 50 or so years ago, as the life-saving RCD device. If you are thinking of upgrading your switchboard, we reckon this is one of the best investments you could make for your home.

Tip: If you are calling out an electrician to do a minor fix, we recommend scheduling a whole switchboard upgrade. Chances are your electrician will check your switchboard and swap out the old breakers related to your fix, so you can save money and time by getting it all done at once.

7. Average Cost to Rewire A House in Auckland

Electrical Rewire Cost

From $6,000 – $10,000 + GST

The cost to rewire a house in Auckland is normally for a standard 3 or 4 bedroom villa or 1930s style bungalow with roof space and a floor cavity. Additional cost for new homes (the 1940s onwards). This is because nogs started getting installed in the walls which makes it more difficult to rewire, hence labor charges are added accordingly.

Check our house rewiring service in Auckland for more details.

Tip: The cost is closely associated with when and how the house was built. You can use this guide to get an idea of the era of your housing style – Different housing styles in New Zealand.

8. Home Ventilation Installation Cost in Auckland

Bathroom extraction $450- 600 + GST

Kitchen and laundry extraction $450- $600 + GST

Smartvent 3/4 bedroom home from $3900 + GST

New Zealand weather can be very volatile, and there are days you want to just shut all the windows. It makes sense to invest in a ventilation system to introduce comfortable clean air into your home. There are many different types of ventilation solutions, and the price can vary a lot depending on the type you need. Know more about our Home Ventilation Services.

Tip: Use our easy 3-step tool to find out the type of ventilation you need for your home.

9. Home Heating Installation Cost in Auckland

Goldair 425w eco panel from $199 + GST installed

Serene 2000w panel heater from $299 + GST installed

Heat pumps installed from $1800 + GST

As required by the government, all rental properties are now required to have fixed wall heating now. Many landlords went directly for the heat pump option without knowing they could save money on the panel heaters instead.

Tip: A free home assessment could save you thousands of dollars, especially if the layout of your property is eligible to use wall panel heaters, you don’t always need to go for the expensive heat pump. Book a free home assessment for heating compliance here.

10. LED Lighting Upgrades Cost In Auckland

LED Lighting Upgrades Cost

From $25 + GST per fitting (labour cost)

From $30 / LED downlight (Cost per LED fitting varies according to the brand used)

An LED lighting upgrade in Auckland is becoming a trend now, as they are very energy efficient, you will get your money’s worth in a few years’ time. The downlight fitting is longer lasting than a normal LED light bulb.

Tip: If you are upgrading to an LED downlight, make sure you check the diameter of your current light fixtures. If the diameter is too wide, the LED downlight won’t fit properly and you will need to re-GIB your ceiling to cover the hole and make another hole that is just the right size. Consult with us before getting your downlight fixtures, and we will give you our professional advice.

11. Electrical Inspection Rates in Auckland

From $250.00+ GST

The inspection charges are for high-risk works like switchboard replacements or mains work.

Tip: Don’t inspect it yourself, this is really dangerous work and should only be done by a qualified professional. Every year, roughly 6 people get seriously injured in a domestic environment due to unsafe electrical conduct (data from Worksafe.govt.NZ).

Our final say on the cost of electricians in Auckland

Electricians and all electrical work is a professional service that requires years of training and experience. Although the cost isn’t always transparent in our industry, the team at Strike Electrical is dedicated to improving this. We believe all New Zealanders are entitled to quality electrical work at fair and transparent prices.

That is why offer free onsite quotes and assessments for all jobs no matter the size. Click the button below to book a free quote or assessment, and let the pros at Strike Electrical help you out.Electrical Rewire Cost

If you have been quoted above / below the average, perhaps you should be asking yourself these questions:

  • Why is it cheaper? What am I missing out?
  • Why am I paying more than average, what additional values do I get out of it?
  • Is compliance being included as part of the quote?
  • What guarantees come with the service?
About Strike Electrical

We are a full service electrical company with a professionally trained team. Our mission is to provide quality electrical service to New Zealanders at a fair and honest price. We pride ourselves in the quality of work, and have accumulated ourselves with over 100+ 5 star Google reviews. If you enjoyed our little article, make sure you share it and let more people know about the cost of electricians in Auckland.

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