Electrical Rewires

Electrical rewiring | Wiring upgrade | Socket replacement | Power point replacement | Switch replacement

Electrical House Rewiring done by knowledgeable electricians in Auckland

Electrical Rewiring is required for older properties that doesn’t meet NZ’s Safety Standards

Older homes were not designed with the future in mind. Modern appliances draw more power and this puts a strain on an old electrical system. If you have a house which was built before 1980, there is a chance you have some old wiring and it is likely that your home wiring will need upgrading so it meets New Zealand’s Safety Standards.

This wiring can be in the form of a metal conduit with rubber or cloth wrapped copper conductors inside, TRS (Tough rubber sheath), VIR (Vulcan Indianised Rubber) or PVC. All of these types of cables deteriorate and do become adverse to short circuiting, which can blow a fuse or cause a fire. We recommend replacing these types of cables with modern TPS wiring and at the same time it is wise to upgrade the power points and switches with modern items from a reputable brand.

More obvious indications that the electrical system in your house is old are-

  1. Switches are loose and the lights flicker
  2. Power points no longer hold the plugs safely
  3. Fuses blow often

How long does it take?

Rewiring a standard size house can take 1-3 days depending on roof and under floor access. Normally the client does not need to move out of the home and we can have power back on each night during the process. When we rewire we sometimes need to upgrade the switchboard as well as the mains and the main earth. All homes are different and it depends on what has been done in the past.

Call us for an inspection of your wiring and we can give you a written report on what needs to happen to bring it up to modern standards.

What are the advantages to upgrading a switchboard?

1. A modern switchboard is flush mounted which means it does not sit on the wall, it sits inside the wall giving you more space to move past.

2. RCD Protection. An RCD or residual current device will protect from fatal electric shock. It cuts the power off within 0.3 seconds if there is a fault or if someone is getting electrocuted. This is standard on all of our switchboards.

3. Circuit breakers. No longer will you need to find a fuse wire in the dark and thread it through the fuse carrier to get your power working again. Reset the circuit break when there is a fault and fingers crossed, you are back up and running. This is standard on all of our switchboards.

3. Surge protection. Protect your electronics from spikes in the electricity network. You no longer need to buy one for each outlet, install one at the swithcboard to protect the entire house. This is an optional extra with our switchboard upgrades.

4. Arc Fault Detection. Protects against electrical fires caused by arc faults. Arc faults are commonly caused by a damaged cable or a poor connection, such as pulled-out sockets, cables squashed under furniture and loose junction boxes. This is an optional extra with our switchboard upgrades.


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