Switchboard Upgrades

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Switchboard Upgrades and Replacement done by knowledgeable Electricians in Auckland

Is your switchboard outdated and putting your home at risk? Upgrade to modern circuit breakers, RCD protection, and surge protection for added safety and peace of mind. Let our experienced electricians at Strike Electrical take care of your switchboard upgrade needs today!

RCD protection for extra safety

RCD protection provides extra safety which will prevent fatal electric shock. If a family member touches a live electrical part, the power will turn off.

Circuit breakers

Rather than fuses which will only trip off when there is a fault. They can easily be reset which means you will no longer need to find fuse wire in the dark!

Arc Fault detection

Which protects against electrical fires caused by arc faults. Arc faults are commonly caused by a damaged cable or a poor connection. This could be a cord squashed under a couch leg or a plug not inserted into the socket correctly.

Surge protection

can be  installed into a switchboard to protect the whole home from lighting strikes or network voltage spikes. It is more cost effective to install surge protection on the switchboard than a surge protector on the power point

Flush mounted

switchboards sit inside the wall which is more aesthetically pleasing than an old switchboard which sits on the wall

Peace of mind

knowing that your switchboard has been installed by a registered electrician. All the connections have been done correctly and it is safe.

A switchboard is the backbone of the electrical installation in any property. If your switchboard fails then you will lose power to part or all of your house; no one likes a power cut. Older switchboards generally don’t have adequate protection to prevent fatal electrocutions. If you choose to upgrade your switchboard, not only will it look nicer, but it will have RCD protection and modern circuit breakers which are easy to reset, should they trip (no more rewiring a fuse in the dark!). Call us to price a new switchboard today.

Switchboard Upgrades

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