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Bathroom Ventilation

Heating and ventilating a bathroom are important to keep mould and mildew at bay. A common issue is that bathroom fans are not doing the jobs they are intended to do which is to remove steam from bathrooms. We have a few solutions.

  1. For a bathroom fan to work correctly the bathroom needs to be warm. A shower will produce more steam in a cold bathroom than a warm bathroom (Think about a hot car exhaust on a cold day). There are several ways to warm a bathroom which are underfloor heating, wall heaters, mirror demisters, heated towel rails and heat lamps.

  2. There needs to be air coming into the room to replace the air being sucked out by the fan. A common issue is that the bathroom door is shut while showering which prevents the fan from working. There is two remedies for this. The bathroom door needs to be cut off with a saw along the bottom to allow air to come in under the door or the bathroom fan needs to run on for 10 minutes after showering with the door open. Some people find it is best for us to install a timer on the fan so it automatically turns off after 10 minutes so they dont forget to switch it off.

    Smart Vent System

    Over a year a family can produce as much as 3500 litres of moisture in the air inside their home. The moisture is produced from things like from showers and baths, cooking and unflued gas heaters.

    VOCs are volatile organic compounds such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and mixed gases that are present in the air inside your home. Furnishings, fabrics, cleaning products, sealants, air fresheners, incences and sprays emit VOCs. Exposure to VOCS can cause eye, nose and throat irritation as well as cause headaches, fatigue and skin problems.

    Ventilating your home can help prevent moisture and mould buildup occuring as well by creating and moving clean air to where it is most required.

    Smartvent ventiliation systems monitor temperature conditions to ensure that you are benefiting from improved air quality always circulating around your home. It draws clean, dry and filtered air from the roof cavity and circulates it around the home which forces the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew, out of your home giving you better air for a healthier home.

    Call us for advice on heating and ventilating your home.

    VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and where they come from


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