If you have a house which is pre 1970s, chances are you have some old wiring which can be in the form of a metal conduit with rubber or cloth wrapped copper conductors inside, TRS (Tough rubber sheath) or PVC. All of these types of cables deteriorate and do become adverse to short circuiting which can in turn cause a fire. Call us for an inspection of your wiring and we can give you a written report on what needs to happen to bring it up to modern standards.


If you would like a written report on the condition of your electrical installation, call us and we can inspect your house and give you a written report with a breakdown and costings for repairs.

Faulty light fittings, switches and power points

There can be a few reasons why light fittings, switches and power points may not be working. It can be a blown fuse and you may be able to reset this yourself or it could be something more serious. Call us now as it could be an urgent issue which requires repair..

Switchboard repairs and upgrades

A switchboard is the heart of the electrical installation in any building. Trying to replace a fuse in the dark while holding a candle is not anyone’s idea of fun. Even worse, that fuse you are replacing could have blown because there is a fault somewhere in the circuit causing the problem. The best option is to call us so we can send an electrician out to do some testing and check the connections to make sure that everything is up to scratch.

Hot water cylinder repairs

If you have no hot water, call us now and we can get a service person out ASAP!

Stove repairs

We can find parts for most common branded stoves, ranges, ovens and hobs. We can replace elements, thermostats, simmerstats and also replace door seals and knobs

Please note: If you have a gas cook top or gas hob that is not working, we cannot fix these and you will need to call a gas fitter.