LED Downlighting

Strike Electrical can replace your existing halogen or incandescent downlights with new LED fittings, or fit new LED lighting to your home.

LED Downlighting

4 Benefits of fitting LED Downlighting:

1. Lower running costs

A halogen generally uses 50 watts and an incandescent fitting uses up to 100 watts of power. We fit HPM LED downlights that use only 5 or 7 watts!

2. Long life

With a lifespan of 35,000 hours you wont be spending money on replacement lamps anymore.

3. Suitable for wet zones

They can be used in bathroom and outdoor areas. You can match your wet areas with the rest of the house.

4. Safe around insulation

Your old downlights would have needed large holes cut in the insulation to allow the heat to escape. LED downlights don’t produce any heat.

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