Switchboard Replacement

Upgrading your switchboard with a modern version has more benefits that just looking good


5 Reasons to upgrade your Switchboard:

1. RCD Protection

RCDs will protect your family from a fatal electric shock. Old switchboards without RCD protection will not. New regulations say that all new wiring requires RCD protection so why not get your house up to spec.

2. Modern circuit protection

No need to get a torch out and rewire a fuse in the dark to get your lights or power working again. A simple flick of a switch and you should have power back on.

3. Peace of mind

You old switchboard could be as old as your house. As we know, old things wear out or stop working as they should. There is always a potential fire risk in an old switchboard so reduce the risk with a new board.

4. Keep your insurance company happy

A lot of insurance companies are asking for a wiring check before people move into a new house. There is a reason for that, they don’t want to have you to have to make a claim.

5. It’s a selling feature

If you want to sell your house in the future, potential buyers will have one less thing to bargain with.

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